Barisieur Grande: Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock (White)

Sale price£999.00

Colour: White
Voltage: 220-240V

Steam-Powered Induction

With a built-in alarm clock Barisieur Grande will wake you up with a fresh brew every morning

450ml / 15.2oz Capacity

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Brewed at 93°C

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Your Bedside Barista

As an evolution to the Barisieur, Grande is a larger and more customisable brewer to suit you.

The Dual Dripper™

Taking inspiration from the classic italian espresso machine. The Dual Dripper serves 2 equal brews directly on the Barisieur Grande

StayCool™ Milk fridge

The Barisieur Brewers are the only at-home brewers with built-in refridgeration systems. They keep milk cold and fresh 24/7 and hold 2 to 4 servings at once.

Induction Heating System

The steam-brewing system is powered by a 500W induction coil which produces little residual heat for a pleasant brewing experience.

Over 99+ Configurations

The Barisieur is the only at-home brewer with a built-inrefridgeration system to keep your milk cool 24/7

Pure flavour, all-glass brewing

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A closer look at the bedside brewer

Smart Induction Coil

500W Induction coil boils in 3 minutes and features auto shut-off

Auto-Dimming Display

12h or 24h clock, can be set to dim or turn off at night. It uses a sensor  to turn off when it goes dark.

Milk Fridge

Holds 2-3 servings of your preferred cold milk

Phone Charger

A 5V USB Port is built-in for charging your phone and accessories

Storage Drawer

Holds up to a week of brews and comes with a steel dosage spoon

Barisieur is packed full of features for the avid coffee and design enthusiast

Made up of over 75 individual parts

Craftsmanship at every step

The Barisieur brewing system is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass by master craftsmen - ensuring perfect flavour to your brew. Each wooden tray is precisely machined from a single piece of FSC-certified timber and hand finished with a stain resistant matt varnish - adding a natural touch to your brewing routine.

Comparison Chart

Compare the original Barisieur with the Grande to find which one is right for you.



Barisieur Grande


1 (150ml)

1-3 (150-450ml)

Brewing Temperature



Milk Fridge

30ml (2-5°C / 36-41°F)

60ml (2-5°C / 36-41°F)

Coffee Drawer

6 servings

6 servings




Brew Delay

-5, 5, 10, 15 minutes

-15, -10, -5, 0, 5 minutes

Comes with glassware?



Setting up your Barisieur

Founder Josh, walk's us through assembling and using the Barisieur