Replacement Parts

The Barisieur comes with all of its glassware and accessories included. If you require an extra cup or a part has suffered an accidental drop, purchase replacements from here.


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Double Wall Glass CupDouble Wall Glass Cup
Double Wall Glass Cup Sale priceFrom £9.00 Regular price£15.00
Sold out
Boiling Vessel Bung
Boiling Vessel Bung Sale price£12.00
Glass Funnel
Glass Funnel Sale price£17.00
Glass Cup
Glass Cup Sale price£19.00
Sold out
Milk Vessel
Milk Vessel Sale price£19.00
Glass Transportation Tube
Glass Transportation Tube Sale price£25.00
Stainless Steel Filter
Stainless Steel Filter Sale price£25.00
Shower HeadShower Head
Shower Head Sale price£35.00
Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)
Boiling Vessel
Boiling Vessel Sale price£49.00
Wooden Tray & Filter SupportWooden Tray & Filter Support
Barisieur BaseBarisieur Base
Barisieur Base Sale price£115.00