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AllPress Coffee (250g)
AllPress Coffee (250g)
AllPress Coffee (250g)
AllPress Coffee (250g)
AllPress Coffee (250g)

AllPress Coffee (250g)

The Perfect Blend for the Barisieur 




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    What is the best coffee to brew with the Barisieur?

    We've partnered with the almighty AllPress to pair their beautiful blends with the Barisieur for the ultimate cup.

    Barisieur Blend

    The Barisieur uses a re-usable stainless steel filter that has a fine mesh inner lining to filter the micro coffee sediment.

    You would typically expect a coarse grind for a manual pour-over product. The Barisieur has a faster flow rate, therefore to get the best out of the steel filter; we need a finer grind.
    AllPress have created a blend to accommodate this environment for the Barisieur; creating a more bolder cup than you would typically see with your average tea-like, pour-over finish.

    Through the letter box - Subscription

    We know the feeling when you go to grab the bag to scoop some coffee out; to only find that you are out. It's 2021 and we know convenience is key now. We are now offering a subscription service for both coffee-beans or ground-coffee. Don't worry, the packaged fits through the letter-box with its beautiful slim yet recyclable packaging. You can choose the regularity of subscription and cancel/pause at any time.