REBRAND - JoyResolve

REBRAND - JoyResolve

When we launched the coffee machine/alarm clock The Barisieur in 2016, we raised over $1.28 million on crowdfunding sites over two years. Safe to say, this response was phenomenal. The success of The Barisieur gave us an incredible platform to meet and work with some of the world’s most exciting entrepreneurs and global brands.

But while The Barisieur put us on the map, it is by no means our brand in its entirety.

With the launch of The Barisieur, our list of exciting, yet-to-be-announced products was growing. As such, we needed to think about what the world should known us as. With a multitude of new designs, we needed a strong, engaging brand name that truly encapsulated all we stand for.

At the time, there were ideas to launch with a brand name that centred creative director Josh Renouf at its very heart. Josh went away and designed a smart logo, one that featured his initials and spoke strongly to the design features we are passionate about. But Josh eventually found himself hesitant to placing himself at the brand’s centre; Josh wanted the focus to be on our inventions and collaborations, the factors which will determine the our future successes.

So, a name. Well for a start, one of our key design principles is that the growth of consumerism today has been incredible for the economy but terrible for the environment. Fast fashion and its cheap, sweatshop-manufactured goods, and the cyclical nature of product replacement, has lead to a throwaway society where product value has decreased. Many industries have cynically moved away from a built-to-last model of product design and manufacturing.

We have long been committed to robust product design, rejecting the notion that something can be considered ‘obsolete’ because of the annual release of a moderately-updated version of the same product.

In opposition to global trends, we see the pleasure in purposeful, well-made design and in products that get fixed, not thrown away.

With this approach to consumer needs, a shorthand for the governing principles of what we wanted to achieve began to emerge: we are looking for joyful resolutions. A tighter, more compact version of this, JoyResolve, perfectly encapsulated our core principles, as well as making reference to Josh’s grandmother, whose name was Joy. This placing of family at the centre of what we do spoke to our careful, considerate approach to product design. JoyResolve also shares Josh’s initials, allowing him to use the that principal logo design we were so attached to!

Now, JoyResolve is an award-winning lifestyle and homeware brand that believes in bringing happiness through formal, functional and resolved solutions. We do this by creating courageous, built-to-last products that are in pursuit of redefining the concept of luxury living.

Targeting both the style- and eco-conscious, JoyResolve strikes the perfect balance between functional design and timeless aesthetic, envisioning its premium products at the centre of a conscientious lifestyle. By using spent coffee grounds and recycled ocean plastic as core materials, for example, JoyResolve puts a contemporary twist on its approach to sustainability. These brilliantly renewable concepts truly encapsulate the brand’s forward-thinking purpose.

JoyResolve resolves everyday frustrations through the re-examination of overcomplicated processes and devices, in a powerful demonstration of the art of stripping back. Our signature minimalist style allows the products to transcend arbitrary trends to achieve an enduring, iconic look.

We manufacture in the UK or EU when possible, and responsibly in China when necessary for commerciality.

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