At Joy Resolve we want to make sure you're getting the most out your coffee maker as you trust it to make you a perfect brew day in and day out. Follow our brew guide below to get the ultimate brew for you, out of your Barisieur.

1. Paper or Steel

While we love our stainless steel filter, the Barisieur also works great with paper filters if they are something you’re used to using or would like to try! The Steel filter will create your brew faster as the water passes through more easily. While paper filters will give a slightly stronger taste as the water takes more time soaking through - a benefit however is that they can simply be popped in the bin by your bedside when your brew finishes, just make sure you remember to keep stock!

2. What’s your Scoop Count?

Whether you want a light or strong brew the Barisieur has you covered. You can put up to 4 scoops in the filter - letting you customise your brew to your preference. Make sure to use a coarser grind if you add more coffee powder so you keep a good flow of waer going through, ensuring the filter doesn’t overflow.

3. Don’t Forget the H2O

Where the water comes from to make a brew is often overlooked. However using filtered water over the traditionally hard water that comes out the sink, can give a difference in taste and will mean you need to decalcify your glassware less regularly!

4. When do you want your brew?

Timing is everything with coffee, a perfect brew is no longer perfect if it gets cold while you’re having your morning shower. This is why we’ve included a DELAY function, which let’s you set the Barisieur to brew from 5 minutes before to 15 minutes after your alarm sounds.


Once you master the craft of coffee & tea brewing, don't forget to show it off. We love seeing your photos and videos so make sure to tag us and we'll show you some love in the comments.

Enjoy & let us know how you get on with your Barisieur. 

Josh Renouf

Founder | Barisieur & Joyresolve

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