Hi Everyone!

We're incredibly proud to introduce The Barisieur 2.0 - Immersion Edition with wireless charging.

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The last couple of months have been challenging and we hope you're healthy, staying inside and keeping yourself both hydrated and caffeinated. 

At Joy Resolve, learning to keep up with the new work in a home routine has been a challenge in itself and I'm incredibly proud of my teams versatility and adaptability. We've managed to stay efficient and find all kinds of ways to keep working on a little secret project of ours. After filming in 3 different countries ( Slovenia, England and France ) and almost 200 online meetings, we are finally able to share it with you as our second Kickstarter campaign. We're proud to introduce the Barisieur Immersion Edition with Wireless charging and the Manual Immersion Brewer!

From setting up home studios, to directing via FaceTime we've pushed our creativity to the limits. Here are some of our WFH highlights.


4 years to the day we launched the original Barisieur which quickly become a go to method for leveling up the morning's of coffee and design lovers alike all over the world. This year we're back on our Birthday with our second kickstarter campaign. Introducing the Barisieur Immersion Edition with wireless charging. Your personal bedside barista, an automatic tea and coffee brewer with alarm clock functionality.

As a British company - we thought it was about time we let the tea community join in on the barisieur experience. We carried forward the features you know and love from the Original: 

- The smart induction heater is engineered to deliver 94 degree celcius water; ensuring all flavours are fully extracted.

- The automatic smart mini fridge, keeps milk cool 24/7.

- A storage compartment allows for a weeks-worth of brews.

- And the hand blown, all-glass, brewing system.

But we know you're here for the new stuff!


1. Barisieur Immersion Edition:

After countless design iterations we landed on this simple brew chamber design which lets you control the strength of your brew.

Brew chamber: The specially designed strainer blocks the exit until you lift the tab, releasing the brew directly into your cup.

Shower head: We've redesigned the shower head ensuring an even dispersion of water over the coffee or tea.

2. Wireless Charger:

Machined from a selection of woods and aluminium. Our wireless charger compliments the Barisieur. The invisi grip lining secures your phone and upgrades your charging experience.

3. Manual Immersion Brewer:

We've also designed a stand for the immersion brewer, so you can enjoy the ritual of manual brewing. With its simple 3 part design, it's easy to rinse ... ready for the next use.


We hope you like the refinements and new additions to the Barisieur family - Your support will help with the necessary certifications and final tooling. Our factory is ready and waiting to press go on production - and we'll do our best to deliver before September. 

Join the Joy Resolve community now - and upgrade your coffee and tea experience. Click here to pledge today. 

All the best,

Josh Renouf & The Joy Resolve Team

Founder | Barisieur & Joyresolve


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