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Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)
Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)
Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)
Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)
Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)
Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)

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Brew Chamber (Barisieur Attachment)

One for all, for tea and coffee

The Brew Chamber is our newest brewing system. Designed to brew both tea or coffee. Featuring our engineered micro mesh filter, which eliminates grounds in your brew. So you can enjoy a smoother, clearer brew.

  • Pre-Order for Early December 2021 Delivery
  • 2 Year Warranty

Brew Chamber

Suspended Brew

The Brew Chamber uses our unique silicon Tea Gate design to suspend the brew


Swap it in or out with the pour over system to instantly change your brewing style on the Barisieur.

Made for 2

Brew up to 300ml (2 servings). For 2 consecutive brews or sharing with another.

Clear Brews, no coffee grounds or tea leaves

We've redesigned the classic strainer with our brew chamber bung and an inner micro filter mesh. The Micro filter mesh stops coffee grounds and tea leaf residue from seeping into your cup, resulting in a smooth and clear brew.

Fully Compatible with the Barisieur 

The Brew Chamber simply slots onto the Barisieur. Enjoy using the Tea Gate to suspend your brew to achieve your prefered strength. Gently lift the handle to release the brew into your cup.

Designed for brewing Loose Leaf, Tea Bags and Immersion style coffee.

Get Creative

Throw in your favourite berries and let steep for a fruity, hot beverage. Use tea bags when your in a hurry and enjoy quality loose leaf brews when you have time.